So, tonight Michigan plays Louisville for the national championship of college basketball. The Wolverines have powered through many higher and lower seeds (including my hometown VCU Rams) with the player of the year Trey Burke and supporting cast of players. Louisville came in as the number one overall seed and has played like it. They slipped past Wichita State in their final four match-up. By the way, did you know that schools dont get any extra money for winning the national championship game. The whole thing is “the road to the final four.” All the schools in the final four get the same amount of green. Great teams find a way to win. They are also playing for their fallen teammate Kevin Ware who broke his like in only Theisman fashion. So the match up is set. We will see who the victor is tonight. I am with Michigan because a wolverine would pull a cardinal’s beak and feet off and eat it. I mean, come on. A wolverine vs a cardinal, no match. Lucky for cardinals everywhere, this is just a basketball game. Tune in tonight to see who will be this year’s national champion.