Ok, so I was informed that on Monday I broke a guys thumb. That sucks. It made me feel bad for a while, the guy was pretty angry. But its not like I tried to do it on purpose. I mean, I am not gonna just stand around and let him score on me. Then I would be the guy not playing defense. I do give my apologies (although I feel like they are for the weak) and I wish him a fast recovery. With that said, I have a message for anyone who has a broken bone as a result of playing a sport. Sh*t happens man, don’t be a victim and feel sorry for yourself. Do something cool like put flames on your cast or make a youtube video of yourself doing one hand push-ups or something. You may just become viral and internet famous. There is a site called Casttoo that will treat you cast like your real arm or leg or foot or whatever. I have seen flames, sleeve tattoo casts and even a foot cast that looks like the new Jordans. Long story short, you can make the best out of a broken situation. My bad Steve, get back soon.