It started with Larry legend’s finger wave and a fist pump as he sank the money ball and defended his 3 point championship . Then the stage was set for maybe the best slam dunk duel of all times. No props, no time limit, and if you repeated a dunk it lost a lot of its luster. The graceful Chicago Bull Michael Jordan vs the power and violent dunk style of Atlanta’s Dominique Wilkins. They did not disappoint. Air Jordan had several high flying dunks where it seemed that he was floating on air. His hangtime was out of this world. ‘Nique brought the hammer down with one or two hands time after time sending spectators leaping from their seats. It came down to the last two dunks in the final. Jordan elected that Wilkins would go first. ‘Nique did one of his patented two handed windmill dunks which only he could do. The force shook the backboard and brought many ooooos from the crowd. Jordan has his work cut out for him. Unbelievably, the judges only gave Wilkins a 45 out of 50 leaving the door open for his Airness to win his second dunk title. Jordan looked up to the rafters and spotted Dr. J as he walked to the other side of the court. Everyone knew what was coming. Jordan took off running and leaped into the air from the free throw line (or near it anyway) and jammed a double clutch one handed tomahawk. The crowd went nuts. Jordan was given a 50 for his effort and won the dunk title. But if it was not in Chicago what would happened? Even Jordan admitted that he felt that being at home was a huge advantage. Still a great dunk contest. Check it out for yourself.