Today is LeBron James’ birthday. December 20th. Seems like it wasn’t that long ago, but LeBron turned 34. I remember him coming into the league at 18 straight out of Vincent St. Mary’s High School in Akron, Ohio. I was working at Chiat/SF on Adidas. We made video after video, presentation after presentation trying to get King James to come and join the ranks as an Adidas athlete. At the time our biggest athletes were Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan. Also on the roster were people like Chauncey Billups, Gilbert Arenas, Josh Smith and Sebastian Telfair. But the potential for LeBron was huge. He was going to be the biggest star since MJ. That was way back in 03. I still was taking fools to the rack back then.

Anyway, Bron has been one of the best players of this decade plus.Probably the best player in that span. You could argue with me about that, but this is my blog. LeBron just recently became number 5 on the all time scoring list. Behind Kareem, Mailman, Mike Jordan and Kobe. Great names to be associated with. I’m associated with those names as well, but in a different way. I went to school with a kid named Kareem, I got a mailman that comes to my house, I worked with an IT Specialist in Boston named Michael Jordan and one of my favorite Jeopardy! contestants is named Kobe (although I think he spelled it differently) that guy was funny.

I was looking on ESPN today and I saw that they did a graphic of all of LeBron’s shot thus far in his career. I thought is was a cool illustration of how many shots that he put up. Check it out. Pretty cool.

It shows off his shot percentage and number of really deep 3s that he took. The only thing that is missing is the highlights, alley oops and buzzer beaters. You gotta look at youtube for that.