The Miami Heat is by far the best team in the east. Maybe in the NBA. Sure there are teams with better records, but nobody is more exciting and effective. Having the best player on the court in every game helps. But their attempt at all time NBA history came to a tackling end in Chicago. The Bulls did just about everything right and pulled out a victory stopping the Miami win streak at 27. The Lakers can rest knowing that their long standing record will continue to stand. Even though a lot of those Lakers are dead or old. Did you know Pat Riley was on that team. That’s crazy, I didn’t even know what team Pat played for. So the 2013 Miami Heat will have to settle for second place in the hunt for the longest win streak in NBA history. I think that Miami will be fine. I think that they will win the title this year and maybe even get a few more before its all over. LeBron will win several more MVPs, Ray Allen will retire with another ring or two, Battier (the guy who played for 2 of the top three teams with the longest win streaks Heat and Rockets) will add another ring to his other NBA ring and NCAA championship and all that other good stuff, but I can’t pass up a chance to talk a little trash. So Clay, Roberto and Munish, and you other Heat fans….Suck it, Miami is only second best!