Now, let me get this straight. I can appreciate how hard it is to dunk. The only time I have ever been close to the rim was way back in my younger days. My game has always been horizontal. I’ve pulled up on the nets and hanged on the rim and I have actually threw a few down after jumping off trampolines or old tables, coolers and chairs in my back yard (really dumb.)

But the dunk contest of today’s NBA is just awful. A lot of the good dunks have already been done, but the excitement is gone. From the props, to the gimmicks to the just awful dunks its not very good. Back in the days of Jordan, ‘Nique, Spud and Dr. J it was the talk of All Star Saturday night. Now the 3 Point shootout is the highlight, unless you count the fashion police. What was up with LeBron and D. Wade wearing the same leather pants? Weird. Anyway, something has to be done. I mean, I actually fell asleep in the middle of it. That would have never happened back in the day. Yes, I got a little older a tid bit wiser, gained 20 lbs and no inches higher, but it should still have some flair. Maybe Jordan or Nique or Spudd or even JR Rider or Harold Minor could be consultants or something. Today’s dunk contest is almost as lame as the old timers game that they used to have. Creativity has a huge part of the contest, but athleticism is the other part of it. When Dwight Howard dunked and put that crazy sticker on the backboard, it was pretty good. If only because of the cheesiness of the image. That is one of the best ones of recent history. Vince still has the best performance in slam dunk history in my mind. Do you agree?